SME investment with public company A new opportunity for money  working  with  the aibiznet plc  It is interesting for the investors, who  know from our site. Take a less risk than investing in the stock market.

Talking about the returning revenue, your money is possible return back within 3 weeks  Suitable for anyone who don't want any selling  any company's products 

Investment in this unique project. All you have to use this opportunity to choose products that are rich in healthy for your self and family.  As well as patented product of the company. Exporting  to  worldwide for 7 years and other outstanding products.  A modern innovation, with no  competitors For new style of the agricultural, reducing production costs for farmers. That is environmentally friendly and not harmful to farmers and consumers. The supplyer informed us that  his innovation has already got the approval from the FAO to be used in other 30-country mdmber of the FAO  to promote the organic agriculture with the cost reduction, with a premium quality productsThis will be such a good news for our new world in the 21st century.

Beginning of investment will be 25,200 baht only for a single investment unit for each people. And get the products at full value of the investment money, one of the products you should not miss the sattelite antena of our company, who own a free sattlelite TV station. To enjoy the free TV more than 50  channels, beyond that after you installed the sattlelite antena, you family can benefit of getting a free family doctor and a specialist of dematologist to meet you every week on air, with some other consulting cases of attending members, left the questions by SMS and the internet. And this project will be escalating into 7-langauges, free services to the world population through the board band internet by a professional doctor, our President's company on 70 million sattelite boardcast TV Educating the people how to take care of their health and save the medical care.

All investors in this category. In addition to the first payment and received full products value During the first week of each investor will recommend two more friends investors who prefer to invest in the same style as you with you with secrity public company. That has beem in the  operations for more than  6 years with in Thailand and abroad such as in  the United States in LA and NewYork.

The sequence of work, the first Investor selects other 2 more friends during the first week. And every investor will do the same thing After the 3rd weekThe first investor's income will get the total amount of 26,775 baht. The capital investment has returned. The others will followed in the same conditions. Then your organization will have 7 people including first investor, in case using a credit card, you can get tkhe revenue from this project, back to the bank punctual, with no interest. 

Products for the investors' selection, are the world-class standards through a research work. For health promotion of your family And natural skin care products from, and the import a brand name of the Umbro  or other household  consumer goods That can be purchased from aibiznet plc. only.

When investors gradually receive the funds back with in a few week. The new investors in this project is still active mission.  And maintain a commitment to work together to get a new couple of the investor.  The organization will grow multiple proceeding up to the 10th layer The total net work of this organization will reach  2046 investors. The people who prefer to use the money work for them in this program with the big public company, after the whole group keep a close watch and make themself ready to help the new comer to proceed every week to progress with 2 new investors, within 10 weeks, the mission of first starting program will fullfill the comitment, to have the net work under him of 2046 , on the way he will collect the commission from the company  marketing plan, the transaction week by  week total up to 367,557  Baht / code The break down of the total commission can be interview at this end of this page.

Beside the accmulating commission of 367,557 baht at the end of 10th week, and also get the monthly income from the program at 2,100,000 baht/code, only keeping the monthly score of 400 or buy the company's products around 1,600 baht, each investor need to maintain this practice most likely as the coopertive store Keeping all investors a wealthy and healthy.

Every payment of the commission the company will deduct 5 % hand it over to Revenue Department , which our system hook to the Revenue Department for 5 years And every investgor can reach their data in our system all the time through the internet And our member of 600,000 for the whol country have been doing some business with our company, beside this program is just newly introduced through this web site.

In this program the investor should select  only those who are willing and are well understood in the marketing plan and the company newly revised  plan to give the chance to the young people who already got the email adress to start their business earlier than Warren Buffett. The mission of each investor to look for two more within one week not so difficult And the whole net work look after each other, if found out any one can not reach the target in time, take a spare investor to fill in To do the business this way on the compassion in their own net work to work and earn the profit togethe, know each other and finally can use the money the earned for the sake of public activity togetherSo  the net work growing up to 10th layers or 2046 investors met the target within 10 weeks, it is feasible and success

In fact, in this program no investor stop buying the monthly commitment of 1,600 baht. Actually they have to buy more those quality products for their consumption every month. To maintain the benefits of self-interest will receive every week. For many people want to invest more, they need to apply by the list of family members.

When all you are considering this program clearly. Selecting the friends investor who prefer to get an income with low risk, and agreed to the same commitment to look for two more in a week, to enjoy  this type of investment together.



Summary of investment and income every week.

The joint investment in this unique project, might have an obstacle to occur. Some one might not get another 2 investors in time, the whole net work members can help solving this situation by providing a spare investor, ready to fill in. To help each for the successful together>.

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