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The Emeral pool -Krabi


New Invention of the agricultural Products

The rich environment has been established on the soil of Suwannaphum Land. The Land of smile and the happiness of their people.

The happiness has been coming back again on behalf of the New Invention of the organic agricultural productsThose have been used  through out the Country on any kind of trees and vegetables on any season all year round The farmers' products can be decided to the exact time and period to match the  marketing demand to earn the optimum income for Thai farmers.

The N-Function system, the New Invention of Mr.Saroch Boonthong, the agricultral expert who starts thinking of the new method, using the Atomic Biotech to generate all requirements of plant nutrients  together with others rich minor requirement from natural to comply with the growing loop of every plant continuously 24 hrs.beyond the photosynthesis at day time.

After the dilution with normal water and spray directly to the plant or stem portion, the plant shall keep all energy  inside their cells and membrain for 30 days ,ready to be used in day  time of photosysthesis available.

So far any kind of farming and fruits yards to gain  the wonderful yield with low invesment, non-toxic left, getting soil improvment , clear fresh water in paddy field, good for fishes, gain more natural quality products, and produce no Green House Effect

It is so wonderful products for farming and agricultural, from the 13 -year long research of Mr.Saroj Boonthong, strongly aiming at a cost cut to the farmers, and nontoxic effect, and To be Friendly to the World Environment