To be the owner of the satellite TV station 

Refer to  the experiences of the ownership of the first  ITV station of Thailand before. Our  President  had gained  lots of  the knowledge to organize our satlelite TV very well  And appreciated how to use our own sattlelite TV to help the public to understand  how to take care of their  health at home by our free service satellite TV 24 hours a day And connected to the local cable TV of more than 200 stations For  the world wide can reach our services by a broad band internet.

The company has the  promotion  for our customers  to receive our  TV 's services. They can install the satellite antenna of 1.5 meter diameter at a half of the usual market price The President  gives a  health and medicine explanation  free every week on live TV, including how to use the alternative medicine to the audiences Any distributor  can use this catagory  to expand their net  work,   

Therefore, a satelliteTV is one way to promote the business growth all around the country very satisfactory. The Company will host a variety of interesting programs.  Including live presentations of  the president , the  professional family doctor,  and the dermatologists, will educate the public and members of interest to every home. It also allows patients with SMS are also free to consult their  problem. The president will answer  the questions on her program, consequently, other viewers around the country may gain a similar answer  of  their illness. 

The  investment of the company to have our own satellite TV station.  It is beneficial to all parties. It is a very big step  that our President ,the family doctor  to educate medical practice and the consultation  for free to our audience nationwide.  And a global audience via the Internet  board band.  This is  a generous vision of our president to the audiences to be more healthy, together with the chance to do the net work business with the public company, with a strong support from the company's president, with a free  medical consultation.

It is a big investment for a private sector, to devote for the general public and company's members, to up grade the way of living, especially for health  benefit to keep them away from chronic diseases, also to save the nation's health care budget, and simultaneously providing the option of  free products consumption, and even through to get the sufficiency  private business in the long term. Take charge of your health to day with aibiznet's products.

At present time, the aibiznet is the only one a net work public company, and got it's own satellite TV station, broadcasting 24 hours, for the audiences all over the country, and in this region, and the world wide via board band internet.

Therefore, the businessmen who collaborate with should keep in mind that, we do have several potentcials to  enhance your business with us. And you can organize your own program on our TV station, with a moderate price too.

For the interesting party. To start up  the  enterprise network with the satellite antenna  could study more details here.