Warren Buffet the 1st Millionair of our world

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Our web site is one branch of  the  aibiznet  plc. , enhancing the business promotion on e-commerce franchises 6 years ago,the aibiznet'capital registration at  200 million baht  with full  payment Management teams of 80 on different section, providing the facilities to our customers more than 600,000 all over the country, and many more branches offices in Los Angeles, New York, Laos, Cambodia.

The aibiznet has been started with health products, our own patented amata oryza  from  the research of rice bran of our President Dr. Somrudee Auesudkij, and the cosmetics, and another mission lately, to help Thai farmers of debt releasing,  the total amount of 8 billion baht, of  the brother farmers of 21 million through out the country, along with the new  innovative  N-Function system, to be dedicated research of Mr. Saroch Boonthong, the agricultural expert, to do his wonderful  task for 13 years, using the Atomic Technology  to scale down the big amount of  original fertilizer, say 50 kilograms down to 50 ml. completely, composted of all required  minerals and enzymes the plants needed.

The N-Function acts after, sprayed  on to any portions of plants, will virtually  act  as  the agricultural nuclear, speeding up the new organ production  with in the  plant  through  the  time, eventhrough after the photosysthesis stopped at night

The progressive work in 80 districts of Thailand for the last 2 years, the farmers  knew and used the N-Function system to release their debt, after the supplier has been joint  to the e-commerce system of the aibiznet, the large public company The company's policy on Thai farmers debt's releasing, need to set up 1 representative in each District all over Thailand, these representatives, we call a liberate mobile retail store, who can use  the internet  to provide  the services  order to farmers needed products, and to be the farmers' mentor, transferring the know how,  and the experiences from the ainews1's site (from our  member seminar services) to accomplish   the  farmers'mission  on each crop of any plant, not so different  from  the online suppervision   Our brother  farmers  will get the same price of product all over the country from our e-commerce system.

We've got  the special news alert, for any falling business men, was trapped into a  many million baht debt,  we've got many ones come to start  their new busines life with us,  and some had shared their better business situation now, both himself and the creditors.

The aibiznet system has been hooked up to the revenue office for more than 5 years, we pay the income tax  every  week, symultanousely  as we pay the commission to our distributors to their own accounts Providing a free subdomain website and  free services  on our own sattlelite TV 24 hours a day,  to educate the audiences on health care by our President,  the family medicine doctor, and  an expert  on the dermatologist on weekly basis, and  release the company activities in many fields, including  the Thai Culture

Starting a new life with us without disappointed to take care of your exellent health, to strengthen the Thai farmers debt releasing, and for the sufficiency  family business on the e-commerce system, promoting  the new life trend  to our mankind, country by country with ainews to be your friends any where in this world.

There was one terrible disappointed in our young  business woman, planning  to getrid  her life,to obtain her funeral fund to compensate her large amount  debt Fortunately enough, she met  the aibiznet's distributor, gave her a new change,  within 10 weeks she pick up 30,000 baht/week Make it happy both to her family and the creditor She shared her life experience here.

Those who think, the liberate mobile retail store not suit to you, yes, you can developing the nornal  private code to be your permanent  income too, both in Thailand or in  any country, the aibiznet 's got  the branch office already.

Or anyone don't want to involve much about the products selling, you can select to use your money to work for you with a minor risk More details in our menu. It'll be more interesting, after you  drop by and make a study.

Several people knew Warren Buffet, the 1st millionair of our world, gave an interview with CNBC , he started his own business at 11 years old, it sound too late now in his opinion, I do agreed  with him, our child at  9 years old  now , they got their email address already, that is their first step to have their own business with us, along with a better study out of our trainning free, to be the Jounior Child  District's representative, with the aibiznet  business code, eventhrough developing to the graceful children project ,  we' ve got that  project  to encourage the warm family living in our ainews1's style Don't wait until you had finished your study, base on the Warren Buffet's opinion on the CNBC's interviewed